Concerned about the in’s and outs of taking on staff? We know that all rules and regulations can be stressful. We can direct you through all the hurdles, costs, calculations, possible fines or alternatively we can do it all for you...


In 2013 legislation changed, which has meant tighter restrictions for employers. Real Time Information (RTI) was introduced, which simply means that employers must share their payroll information with HMRC on or before they pay their employees. This has brought tighter time constraints on employers and the threat of fines.

Here at Number Crunchers we can process your payroll at a fraction of the cost it would be for you to buy RTI compliant software. We provide you with all the information you need, payslips, NI & PAYE deductions, details of payment to be made to HMRC, but most of all we can provide you with peace of mind.

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